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Reed Media Consulting

This site was designed as a home page for my business but now that it has stopped promoting, I am using it as my portfolio. 

Please download a case study of my former work or resume.

Our Services

Social Media Content Curation

Expert Guidance

I have extensive knowledge on how to curate, promote, and right channel your content and digital marketing efforts for the best possible outcome. Channel marketing is not only about finding the right newsletter, article, or image, but also finding the optimal placement and avenue online. This case study is an in-depth look at what it takes to grow an online presence and make sure your efforts are directed in the right place.

Digital Advertising

Grow Your Business

I have experience in taking hard work and making sure it is seen in the right places. When it comes to consumer advertising on digital platforms, all efforts must be made with the customer and end goal in mind. This case study speaks to the value of understanding your target market and how to realize their potential.

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